APK Downloader

We are committed and support to downloading apk are original, safe, and not modified. Directly from Play Store

APK Downloader

This extremely lightweight download manager emphasizes supporting only a specific usage case situation, so that verified Google Play Store Android apps can be downloaded immediately from the databases straight to the local computer’s space. Individuals can build a virtual library of these mobile applications with data obtained directly from Google databases, so they are completely virus-free and available to be updated manually on their Android devices safely.

Introduction of APK Downloader

Most individuals use the official app stores for downloading a mobile app. This is one of the most common methods for installing an app. The official play store will help you install the APK file automatically on your device. You can also install an application by getting the AP file from any source. The APK file can be shared between two users or it can also be extracted from different websites or tools.

Getting the APK file from different websites can also lead to some worst scenarios. The databases of third-party websites can edit these files to share the virus or some malicious software. They can extract or steal your personal information including financial data. It is not safe to use these websites for downloading the APK file.

The APK file downloader can be used for getting the original APK file of any app. It is a safe way of downloading the APK file of any app and the download link gets ready in a couple of seconds. The regular updates of these apps will also be available and you can share the APK files with other friends.


Is it safe to use the APK downloader?

Yes, it is completely safe to use as it will extract the original file from databases of Google.

Installation and Use

One can be assured that he has installed the official version of the application that has been reviewed by Google programmers for any irregularities. The downloaded file can also be checked for any virus by using different anti-virus tools and software. The anti-virus software will help you verify that you have downloaded the authentic and original files.

No other resources are included in the app. It centers on this basic process, making it suitable not only for beginners who need the simplest download method available, as well as for experienced technical guys who would like to develop a better offline software library that they frequently use.

Steps to Download

  1. Go to the Google Play Store for getting the URL of the app
  2. Copy the URL and paste that link in the search bar of our page
  3. Now, select the “Download” option
  4. It will automatically generate a download link.
  5. You will have to select a specific download format.
  6. There is also the option of choosing between an OBB file or an APK file
  7. The APK file will be stored in your device’s file library.

Download and Install FAQs

To install this app in your phone, you need to first make sure that you have given access to third-party apps on your device. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Open main menu
  2. Click on the setting icon
  3. Open the setting
  4. Click on the security bar and open Unknown Resources.

Check the example on main.14460.com.tencent.ig.obb

  1. Make sure that you have given permission to third party apps on your device: open Menu, then Setting, then Security, and finally open the Unknown Sources bar.
  2. Install APK file, click on the APK file, install it but don’t run it yet.
  3. After completing installation, please store OBB file in: <shared storage>/Android/obb/com.tencent.ig/main.14460.com.tencent.ig.obb

  1. Make sure that you have given permission to third party apps on your device: open Menu, then Setting, then Security, and finally open the Unknown Sources and grant permission.
  2. Download only zip files or APK files as well.
  3. Download and then Install Split APKs Installer(SAI). After that, open it.
  4. Hit Install APKs button. After that, select the zip file or whole APK files in or APK bundles.
  5. Press the Select button to begin the installation process.